East Sacramento and digital billboards

WDoes East Sac want a tall, flashing digital billboard on the old Hubacher Cadillac site? The site has been sold to the developer Petrovich and it’s a prime location for a bill board. If you’re concerned you need to act now.

The recent city billboard policy change allows digital billboards in the city. These flashing attention getters are not a good fit for neighborhoods or nature areas, like East Sacramento and the parkway. The aesthetic appeal is nonexistent and the light disturbs wildlife. The county is now pushing to allow the signage as well.

It’s important NOW for concerned citizens to voice their opinion on this topic. The county is preparing to write its rules for digital billboards. The neighborhood  group, saclight.org is trying to protect the neighborhoods. Write to your county Supervisor to voice your opinion and learn how to do more from Sac Light.

Phil Serna – District 1. Phill Serna 700 H Street, Suite 2450. Sacramento, CA 95814 SupervisorSerna@saccounty.net (916) 874-5485; FAX (916) 874-7593

What you can do with Sac Light

1. Build a countywide, grassroots coalition of neighbors, residents, and established advocacy groups that allow the concerned citizens of every city and region within Sacramento County to have a voice against poorly planned policies that can have an adverse affect on our environment, neighborhoods, and way of life here at home.
2. Challenge the exceptions being proposed for digital billboards in Sacramento County as a result of the oversight and lack of structure in a zoning code that does not even acknowledge the construction or existence of digital billboards.
3. Insist on a vetted and publicly discussed zoning code in regards to number, location, effects, etc. of digital billboards in Sacramento County before any exceptions are made. The billboard being reviewed on July 22nd to reside on HWY 99 being included in those exceptions and having the ability to the set the standard for digital billboards within the County going forward.
4. Ensure recent deals with the City of Sacramento pertaining to digital billboards do not set the standard for every community in the County by ensuring our neighborhoods near the urban core remain protected from billboard blight.
5. Send letters into the County Board members, asking them to not allow digital boards in Sacramento County and, if necessary, use legal action to challenge or stop the proliferation of digital billboards being considered by the BOS within the County.
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