Drive Like Your Kids Live Here in East Sacramento

Join East Sacramento Neighborhood Association in the month of June and receive a free Drive Like Your Kids Live here sign. Membership is $15.00 and it’s tax deductible. The sign will work in any neighborhood. We’ve seen them in Petaluma and watched traffic immediately slow down.

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2 Responses to Drive Like Your Kids Live Here in East Sacramento

  1. April thompson says:

    Hi I live in San Ramon and in a cul de sac ..tons of children on my street and of course we get people using our cul de sac as a outlet for turn around a or people just not paying attention and like o said we have at least 17 kids just within 4 houses in our circle ..I’m tired of yelling at cars..we have slow signs ups..barriers..I think when people see a sign with words that are affective it A) makes them slow down to read it lol B) maybe make them think!
    How big are the signs you offer…are they ones that go in ground or free standing ones?
    Am I able to buy one from you? I’m just fed up with inconsiderate drivers and want our kids safe

    • admin says:

      Hi Bobby: You can get the signs on Amazon with free delivery to San Ramon. Thanks for reaching out.