Do You Want East Sacramento’s Traffic to Increase?

Construction projects and density make for serious traffic concerns. Developers can help relieve the stress-but it costs more money. Will they help the neighborhood?

Hundreds of new homes are coming to East Sacramento in the McKinley Village development project. If we don’t speak out about traffic concerns, the developer will not ensure traffic safety and congestion relief.

Community Meeting on McKinley Village Development–Clunie Clubhouse

June 4, 2013



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2 Responses to Do You Want East Sacramento’s Traffic to Increase?

  1. James Broderick says:

    Thanks for building the website, and keeping us informed about the project at McKinley Village. Looking forward to the meeting tomorrow. See you there…

  2. Rebecca Sharad says:

    I think this an interesting article on particulate pollution.
    As I read it my first thought was the proposed development at 98-Elvas (I’m going on strike calling it “McKinley Village”, as I think calling it what the developer calls it promotes the idea that it is a legitimate proposal.)