Community Meeting Addresses ‘McKinley Village,’ a 328 Home Development Project Planned for East Sacramento

328 Home Development Project Proposed for East Sacramento

Come to A Community Meeting to Learn More About ‘McKinley Village’

June 4, 2013

6-9 pm




601 Alhambra Boulevard

A housing development is planned for the 48 acres across the freeway from Sutter’s Landing. The developer intends to punch through the railroad levee in East Sacramento and also create a street that will feed directly into Midtown.

We are deeply concerned about the effect of the project on our neighborhood and quality of life.  Concerns include:

The fact that the Draft Traffic Study from 2008 for this same project predicted 5,026 trips per day from the proposed development

Stress on our failing sewer, water and storm drainage systems

The city’s lack of studying the cumulative effects of all the development projects in East Sacramento and Midtown

Lack of public transit for this development

Come to the community meeting to learn about the project and let your voice be heard.

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2 Responses to Community Meeting Addresses ‘McKinley Village,’ a 328 Home Development Project Planned for East Sacramento

  1. Anne Wardlow says:

    If a hole is dug through the railroad levee, what are the flooding concerns? Will we need flood gates? River Park has had fooding concerns for years. Another flood gate to protect downtown? City workers and the cost occured. So an overpass over the freeway, another big cost! What do we need in East Sacramento! Another place to run/excerize, a dog park would be nice, a safe place for a daycare that would be convienent for downtown and neighborhood, a East Sac historical center, tennis courts, basketball and skating (inside) big economical buildings, and many other things that would not bring so much traffic. We do not need more people living in the area, we need things that will generate income, keep our kids safe etc. A mini railroad learning, hand on building, as “Elvas Tower” was historical (My Grand or Great Grand father worked in the tower). I will not be attending the meeting as I have to put 2 out of 3 of my cats to sleep due to old age. Thank you very much, I hope any sugestions I made will be consitered. Anne Wardlow

  2. Will Green says:

    What potential home owner, in their right mind, would want to pay $330-600K for a home that is surround by the pollution of the business-80 freeway to the north and bound to the north and east by railroad trains? This land is a natural vernal pool and worked well as agricultural orchard land. Smart growth for urban developers is to leave some lands natural. This would then provide hunting ground for the Swainson hawks that nest at Sutter’s Landing park. I am sure there are many undiscovered vernal critters that will be misplaced from their habitats if not exterminated. I vote to leave the land, and plant some more of the beautiful blooming fruit trees. Rather that the eye sore of more high density housing.