Comments on McKinley Village Sacramento Draft Environmental Impact Report

Slide4East Sacramento Preservation will be sending you a set of tips for commenting on the McKinley Village DEIR. Until then, here is something to keep in mind:

Do NOT assume the city knows everything about your neighborhood! The value of having multiple citizens comment is the fact that each person knows details about a specific location, that when added to the public comments, can actually change an EIR. For example, perhaps you remember that years ago a property along the proposed McKinley Village project site was involved in abatement for an environmental contamination. This information may be very relevant since the contamination might be present in the area where the project will eventually be and/or it may be in the area that will be affected by construction affecting a broader geographical area.

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2 Responses to Comments on McKinley Village Sacramento Draft Environmental Impact Report

  1. Shawn Kite says:

    Please, don’t bring down property values and quality of life in what is one of Sacramento’s best neighborhoods by selling out to a developer to increase the tax base.

    The traffic study was done in the summer, and is clearly skewed in favor of making it look like the impact will be less than it really is. If our city leaders care about us, existing tax payers, they will demand that the Alhambra entrance be added.

    Don’t bow to a developer, instead, respect and represent the people who have lived here for decades, that are telling you in no uncertain terms, that this will not be a good thing.

    Don’t screw up a great neighborhood in the name of urban infill.

    Shawn Kite

  2. Jonathan Sampson says:

    I think this proposal is a breath of fresh air for the midtown / east Sac area. Not only does it mean that the environmental mitigation efforts will be funded prior to project construction to utilize a brown field site, but it is development where it should be placed: inside the urban core and adjacent to amenities that more people should utilize. Thus, making the midtown / east Sac area more apt for economic development and sustainable initiatives.

    That being said, I think the City of Sacramento should follow-through with appropriate arterial connections to the existing urban fabric to minimize traffic impacts. The EIR does, in fact, cover much of that and I would suggest anyone living in the midtown / east Sac area spend time reading the report before jumping to ‘property value’ conclusions; because, anecdotely we all know that infrastructure improvements to the region help improve economic vitality for every stakeholder in that region.