City Council to Vote on Ethics

Dear friends and colleagues,
Thank you so much for your participation in our hearings on ethics, transparency, and redistricting reform at City Hall.  The League of Women Voters and Common Cause took your ideas and suggestions (collected here: and brought these proposals to the City to drive meaningful change.Today, we all scored a major victory.
On the City Council’s agenda for next Tuesday is a proposal to, for the first time, create an independent Ethics Commission, with the power to investigate and fine people for violating city ethics laws, and an Independent Redistricting Commission, which would turn over the power to redraw council district lines from politicians to citizens.  It also calls for the drafting of an Ethics Code and a Sunshine Ordinance, and strengthens the independence of the City Auditor and Budget Analyst. 
This success would not have been possible without your participation elevating the importance of this issue. However, we can’t celebrate yet. The proposal is only a recommendation, not yet law, and we need your help to keep up the pressure to pass ethics and redistricting reform this year.
Please attend the City Council meeting next Tuesday, September 15, at 6pm, to voice your support for establishing an Ethics Commission and Redistricting Commission. If approved, the proposal will be drafted up and return to the Council for a final vote.
If you can attend, please let us know by emailing us at Also, visit our website to endorse this effort!
Let’s get this passed!
–Paula & Nicolas
Paula Lee
President, League of Women Voters of Sacramento County
Nicolas Heidorn
Policy Counsel, California Common Cause

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