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More Than Sixty People Hear Peper Talk

Paula Peper

Paula Peper

Paula Peper held the attention of more than sixty people tonight with her talk about the history of East Sacramento (with a focus on trees). Historical slides, beautiful photos and a deep understanding of our history informed Peper’s presentation. She’s a thorough and literate historian who can also move a crowd.

“When I start to research a neighborhood I knock on doors and ask ‘Who is the oldest person on the block?’ This gets me to the person who remembers the most and has the greatest wealth of information,” said Peper. This attention to detail and intuitive instinct about how to unearth information has made Peper into a nationally known researcher.

Packed House

Packed House

ESP was pleased to raffle off multiple copies of her books and showcase her talent.

“This is just what we need, a positive meeting about our heritage and the work that needs to be done going forward. The community came together in a positive way tonight,” said Pat Lynch.

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SMUD Managers Attend East Sacramento Preservation Board Meeting

SMUD is a public utility that values transparency and disclosure. In that vein, four managers from the SMUD team explained proposed rate restructuring to the ESP Board at the July 13, 2011 ESP board meeting.

The proposed restructuring aims to raise a fixed fee that supports the electrical infrastructure. The fee would gradually be raised to $20.00 by 2017.

This would be coupled with a reduction in electricity rates in the summer for all hours, except from 3-6pm when cost is highest.

For most all customers this adjustment would offset the proposed fixed fee raise.

Your input is needed on this proposed change. Below are public workshop and hearing  times and dates and a link to the SMUD page which offers detailed explanation of the planned restructuring.

SMUD website

A public workshop is planned on Thursday, June 30 at 6pm and a public hearing on July 21 at 9am. All meetings will be at the SMUD Headquarters Auditorium at 6201 S St., Sacramento.  SMUD encourages all customers to provide feedback. Send comments or questions to You may also call SMUD’s Rates Administrator at (916) 732-6222 to ask questions or give feedback.


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