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East Sac’s Designated High School—Hiram Johnson Athletic Fields Assessment

The Athletic Assessment for Hiram Johnson is now available. While all of our schools need repair, as you read through this document is becomes crystal clear that this comprehensive public high school is in dire need of help. The board should vote on the repairs soon. I will vote for Hiram Johnson with a strong voice. Go Warriors!

Link to the district wide assessment is below.

Hiram JohnsonSafety Ranking

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East Sacramento Neighbor Lunch Meet up

Here’s a note from a neighbor. Sounds like fun.

Crazy idea, but maybe some of us on East Sacramento Nextdoor might like to meet face to face – no political agenda, simply breaking bread (fortune cookie?) together at a local, low cost restaurant. At Shanghai Garden Restaurant one can have lunch for under $10 including tax and tip. 

Date: October 18, 2017

Time: Please arrive between 11:30 and Noon

Place: Shanghai Garden Restaurant, 800 Alhambra Street (southwest corner of Alhambra and H Streets)

Below is Nextdoor post.

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