Are There Land Park Connections in East Sacamento?

William Land Regional Park Survey – Call for Photographs/Information

William Land is buried in East Lawn Cemetery, and the connections between Land Park and East Sacramento are numerous and strong. Check your old albums, photo boxes and papers and ask older neighbors to see if they have any historical information about the park.

The City of Sacramento Department of Parks and Recreation recently hired local consulting firm, Mead and Hunt to prepare a Cultural Landscape Survey of the park to mark to centennial of William Land’s $250,000 bequest to the City of Sacramento to purchase a public park bearing his name. The Survey will compile a history of the park’s development and will identify the park features that are important to its history. The Survey will be used to help guide future park management decisions.

The City and Mead and Hunt are currently gathering research on the history of the park and its development. If you have any relevant historical information about the park, or if you have any photographs that you think may be helpful (and are willing to loan them to us for a short time) please contact Mary de Beauvieres in the City’s Department of Parks and Recreation at (916) 808- 8722 or


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3 Responses to Are There Land Park Connections in East Sacamento?

  1. Art Carlson says:

    My interest is not so much the park, but the town of Sutterville. I grew up about 300 yards from the old Sutterville brewery (which was torn down in 1952). As a young kid I played in the building, which was vacant and in a shambles. The old Sutterville town dump was on our property. Bottle collectors discovered the dump in the late 1950’s, and did quite a bit of excavating! Other than the brewery building I don’t remember any other evidence of the town.

    I have searched the internet. And there is very little information on the town of Sutterville, and /or the military camp that became part of the park. I suspect that part of the town of Sutterville also became part of the park (zoo area)?

    Where I’m going with this is a question. Can you suggest any resource that would provide information, pictures, etc. on the old town of Sutterville.

    Thanks in advance,
    Art Carlson

    • admin says:

      Hello! Thanks for writing. My suggestion for help is the Sacramento Room at the downtown library. Check on the library’s web site. (The Room has peculiar hours.) The librarians are extremely friendly and helpful! I got a lot of information for the article Stone Sisters… which is on our web site, under Essay. Good luck, the town of Sutterville seems very interesting from what little I could see on the internet. Keep us posted.

    • admin says:

      Hi Art: I recently went to the Center for Sacramento History to do some research. While there I spied a map that clearly labeled Sutterville. If you haven’t been to the museum, I suggest you do. It just might be the place where you find what you’re looking for. Good Luck.