Angelides Reveals Truth–No McKinley Village Alhambra Tunnel

UnknownPhil Angelides has no intention of adding a vehicle access at Alhambra. “We are not required to provide a bike and pedestrian tunnel, but we are. And the city–if they want to, if their analysis comes back and said it’s feasible, they can do it on a separate track. It’s up to themselves. Doing the vehicular access at Alhambra was never a mitigation (on the part of RCI),” said Megan Norris, Angelides spokeswoman. (East Sacramento News, 3/6/2014, page 2)

It’s clear to ESP that:

1. Angelides will not cut into his profit margin to help East Sacramento.

2. Councilman Steve Cohn and our city government are already analyzing funding to pay for the tunnel.

3. We will be stuck with the bill for this mitigation.

ESP suspects that Steve Cohn will dangle the tunnel as a negotiation point, to quiet opposition to the project, but he will be unable to guarantee any new vehicular access before the planning commission or council vote. With no legal requirement, no vehicle access will be built.

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One Response to Angelides Reveals Truth–No McKinley Village Alhambra Tunnel

  1. pat lynch says:

    It sounds like the plan is for us to somehow end up subsidizing a vehicle access tunnel. This is creepily similar to the plan for us to subsidize the arena parking. Those who profit should pay their own way. The city’s too poor to provide adequate police and fire services, but can still fund corporate welfare? Give us a break.