Alhambra Corridor Sports a New Restaurant in a Remodeled Historic Building

Abandoned for years, the historic gas station will live on in its old location.

Location, location, location at 3030 T Street by Barbara L. Steinberg

Praised be! The historic Richfield Corporation gas station at Alhambra Boulevard and T Streets has a new lease on life as Tako Korean BBQ!

Assembled in 1936, the lonely gas station was abandoned in the 1960s and has languished ever since. According to historic preservation staff, the station is a very good and rare example of the small prefabricated metal service stations distributed throughout the country in the 1930s. Most recent proposals for the site included restoring it as a two-pump gas station and dismantling the structure and relocating it to the California Automobile Museum on Front Street. The latter also involved building a condo complex on the postage-sized lot. Both proposals were not well-received by neighbors. Fortunately, the tanking real estate economy sank the condos.

A historic landmark, the Streamline Moderne/Art Deco structure is a gem. For years I have lamented about its neglect and dreamed about its resurrection. A similar gas station in tiny San Miguel, Station 3 Coffee House & Internet Cafe, was restored years ago. Since discovering this off-the-beaten-path cafe in San Luis Obispo County I had hope. Someone has finally made my dreams come true.

The new owners, Yoon Cho and Alex Won, tried their hand out in Rancho Cordova with Memphis-style barbecue at Yunece 61. As noted above, “location, location, location!” Folks in Midtown and neighboring East Sacramento and beyond are likely to embrace their latest concept — Korean meats and tofu served up as burritos and tacos. Personally, I am stoked and excited at the idea of combining good eats with historic preservation.

A selection of Korean beers, soju – a Korean liquor similar to Vodka but with a lower alcohol content – and domestic brew PBR! Translation of Tako? None. Just a humorous approach to taco with a Korean tilt. Yoon and Alex have the right attitude. This is going to be fun and delicious.

Limited parking makes this an excellent walking or biking destination for neighbors. Thankfully another piece of Sacramento history has been preserved…for now.

Oh, one last important detail: Tako Korean BBQ opens for business Friday, July 13th — a very good sign.

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